This course is self-paced. It will open at your enrollment and be available to you for 30 days. Feel free to work through it at your own speed throughout that time.. Generally, it takes 3-5 hours to work through each of the four main sessions.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Missional Living

    • Missional Living Preview

    • General Instructions for the Course

    • Course Syllabus

    • Course Textbook - Intentional Living

    • Reflection: Learning Goals

    • Missional Living Introduction

  • 2

    Session One

    • When Did Missions Begin?

    • Assignment: The First Missionaries

    • What is Missional Living?

    • Missional Living Survey

    • Paul's Journeys

    • Intentional Preparation

    • Paul's Journeys and Our Preparation Survey

    • Reflection: Intentionally Sharing Christ

  • 3

    Session Two

    • Missions: The Early Centuries

    • Assignment: Which Movement Might Impact Missions Today

    • Missions: The Early Modern Era

    • Intentional Prayer

    • My Prayer Life Self-Survey

    • Intentionally Reading the Scripture

    • Reflection: Bible Study Impact

  • 4

    Session Three

    • The Great Century of Missions, Part 1

    • The Great Century of Missions, Part 2

    • Assignment: Missionaries of the Great Century

    • Missionary Video Survey

    • Worldview and Relationships

    • My Community Survey

    • Reflection: My Community

  • 5

    Session Four

    • The Global Century of Missions, Part 1

    • Reflection: Church Attitudes

    • The Global Century of Missions, Part 2

    • Assignment: Missional Living in a Global Community

    • Global Missions Quiz

    • Missional Living Today

    • Assignment: Missional Living Biblical Application

    • Reflection: Your Challenge

  • 6


    • Last Steps

    • Additional Resources

    • End of Course Survey: Missional Living

    • CWLC Copyright

    • Congratulations!

Course Facilitator

Ann Lawrence

Manager, Farmington Conference Center, Farmington, ME.; Board of Directors of Southern Baptist Camping Association; Retired WMU Executive Director, New England WMU