This course is available during September. The 30 day course is self-paced. Feel free to work through it at your own speed. Generally, it takes 3-5 hours to work through each of the four main sessions. Others may join you along the way in the discussion forums. Take the opportunity to comment on others' posts.

You will have a course facilitator available to you. She will also be responding to your discussion posts as well as approving your assignments. Be sure to contact her if you have questions or issues during your time in the course.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Missional Living

    • Missional Living Preview

    • General Instructions for the Course

    • Course Syllabus

    • Course Textbook - Intentional Living

    • Discussion Forum: Introduce Yourself

    • Missional Living Introduction

  • 2

    Session One

    • When Did Missions Begin?

    • Assignment: The First Missionaries Reflection Activity

    • What is Missional Living?

    • Missional Living Survey

    • Paul's Journeys

    • Intentional Preparation

    • Paul's Journeys and Our Preparation Survey

    • Discussion Forum: Intentionally Sharing Christ

  • 3

    Session Two

    • Missions: The Early Centuries

    • Assignment: Which Movement Might Impact Christians Today?

    • Missions: The Early Modern Era

    • Intentional Prayer

    • My Prayer Life Self-Survey

    • Intentionally Reading the Scripture

    • Discussion Forum: Bible Study Impact

  • 4

    Session Three

    • The Great Century of Missions, Part 1

    • The Great Century of Missions, Part 2

    • Missionary Video Survey

    • Missionaries of the Great Century Assignment

    • Worldview and Relationships

    • My Community Survey

    • Discussion Forum: My Community

  • 5

    Session Four

    • The Global Century of Missions, Part 1

    • Discussion Forum: Church Attitudes

    • The Global Century of Missions, Part 2

    • Missional Living in a Global Community Assignment

    • Global Missions Quiz

    • Missional Living Today

    • Missional Living Reflection Assignment

    • Discussion Forum: Your Challenge

  • 6


    • Last Steps

    • Additional Resources

    • End of Course Survey: Missional Living

    • CWLC Copyright

    • Congratulations!

Course Facilitator

Gail Hallman

Executive Director of Arizona WMU; Adjunct Professor at Grand Canyon University