Welcome to Leading With Integrity! During this course you will be led by a variety of experts in various fields of Christian ministry, who will guide you to consider the various skills needed to lead an organization. More Than Money: Being a Steward of All God’s Given You (New Hope Publishers), by Calvin T. Partain, is the course textbook.

The course is self-paced. It will open at the time of your enrollment and  be available for 30 days. Feel free to work through it at your own speed during that time. Generally, it takes 3-5 hours to work through each of the four main sessions.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Leading With Integrity

    • Course Overview

    • How to use this course

    • Course Syllabus

    • Course Textbook - More Than Money

    • Reflection: Learning Goals

  • 2

    Session One

    • Introduction

    • What's Entrusted to Me?

    • Strategy 1: Communicate as Christ Would Communicate

    • Boundaries With Technology

    • Reflection: Integrity in Communications

    • Strategy 2: Get Rid of Distractions of the Mind

    • Managing Money Wisely

    • Be Faithful With Your Mind

    • Assignment: A Look at Yourself

  • 3

    Session Two

    • Strategy 3: Use Your Abilities in Places That Match Your Passions

    • Thank You Note to God

    • Strategy 4: Start Small and Collaborate

    • Reflection: Starting Small

    • Strategy 5: Have the End in Mind at the Beginning

    • Strategy 6: Manage Your Time

    • Time Management Survey

  • 4

    Session Three

    • Strategy 7: Invest in Relationships

    • Generations Working Together

    • The Good Samaritan Role Play Survey

    • Strategy 8 - Hold Your Belongings Loosely

    • Reflection: An Admirable Nonprofit Organization

    • Strategy 9: Value Volunteers and Interns

    • Assignment: More Than Money

  • 5

    Session Four

    • Strategy 10: Build an Effective Team

    • Building an Effective Team

    • Strategy 11: Know How to Relate Effectively with Board Members

    • Reflection: Relating in the Organization

    • Strategy 12: Make Sure Everyone Knows Why You Do What You Do

    • Assignment: My Stewardship

  • 6


    • Next Steps

    • End of Course Survey: Leading With Integrity

    • CWLC Copyright

    • Congratulations!