This self-guided course consists of an introduction and four sessions of content. The course will open at your enrollment and will be available to you for 30 days. You will go at your own pace during this time. Each session’s content provides short instruction videos, online reflections, and reading assignments. The course textbook is provided in PDF format.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Leadership Theory

    • Course Overview

    • How to use this course

    • Course Syllabus

    • Course Textbook - Servant Leadership

    • Reflection: Learning Goals

  • 2

    Session One

    • An Ideal Leader

    • Becoming the Leaders God Intended Us to Become

    • What Is Leadership Theory?

    • Leadership Theory Introduction Survey

    • Leaders Are Servants First

    • Leader Survey

    • Servant Leadership is Relational

    • Specific Calling Survey

    • How Jesus Invested

    • Reflection: How Others Invested in You

    • Making Other Servant Leaders

    • Quality Leader Self-Reflection Survey

  • 3

    Session Two

    • Knowing the Heart of the Leader

    • Reflection: The Perfect Vocation

    • Moses' Specific Calling

    • Assignment: A Leader's Power

    • Personality and Leadership

    • Assignment: What is My Leadership Style?

    • Ministering Out of Pain

    • My Community Survey

  • 4

    Session Three

    • Barriers to Leadership

    • A Leader's Limited Response Survey

    • The Impulse to Perform at Any Cost

    • Setting Boundaries

    • Setting Boundaries Survey

    • Community or Team

    • Video Response Survey

    • The Impulse to Do Nothing

    • Reflection: Doing Nothing

  • 5

    Session Four

    • Leading From Weakness

    • The Broken Leader

    • Assignment: A Leader's Journey

    • The Point of Crisis

    • Accepting Weaknesses Reflection Survey

    • Leading With a Limp

    • Leader's Legacy Survey

  • 6


    • Next Steps

    • Additional Resources

    • End of Course Survey: Leadership Theory

    • CWLC Copyright

    • Congratulations!