This group course consists of an introduction and four weeks of content. You will invest anywhere between three to five hours each week to complete activities with a group of participants who watch short instructional videos, converse on lively forums, and complete online reflections, quizzes, discussions, and reading assignments. The course textbook is provided for you in PDF format. The group facilitator will provide you with each week’s lessons and interact with you during the course.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Follower Skills

  • 2

    Week One

    • Welcome to Week One

    • Leader/Follower Flow

    • Leader/Follower Flow Survey

    • Teaming and Leader/Follower Flow

    • Framing a Project

    • Framing a Project Reflection Activity

    • Framing a Project Challenge

    • Create a Frame

    • End of Week One

  • 3

    Week Two

    • Describing Your Team

    • Draw a Diagram of Your Team

    • Team Relationships

    • Follower Attitudes Survey

    • Tempted to Become the Center

    • Taking the Initiative

    • Jesus Built His Team

    • Leader/Follower Flow Self-Reflection Activity

    • End of Week Two

  • 4

    Week Three

    • Getting to Know Your Team Culture

    • Following With Excellence Case Study

    • Working With Different Types of People

    • When Learning Styles Clash Case Study

    • Preparing the Way for Followers

    • Mentoring as a Way for Followers

    • Survey on Mentoring

    • End of Week Three

  • 5

    Week Four

    • Understanding the Role of Following

    • Leader/Follower Mismatch

    • What Would You Do? Assignment

    • Leader/Follower Mismatch Can Slow Progress

    • Exploration of Canaan Survey

    • Leader/Follower Unity Speeds Progress

    • Followers May Speed Progress Activity

  • 6


    • Conclusion

    • End of Course Survey

    • Congratulations!!

    • CWLC Copyright

Course Facilitator

Dr. Gail Hallman