This self-guided course consists of an introduction and four sessions of content. The course will open at your enrollment and be available to you for 30 days. You can work at your own pace during this time. Each session’s content provides short instruction videos, online reflections, and reading assignments. The course textbook is provided in PDF format.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Sense of Call

    • Course Preview

    • General Instructions for the Course

    • Course Syllabus

    • Course Textbook

  • 2

    Session One

    • Reading Assignment

    • Reflection: A Pivotal Decision

    • When Leading is the Only Option

    • Learning the Depth of Care Survey

    • Esther Positioned for Leadership

    • Define the Current Reality Survey

    • No Other Option But to Lead

    • Assignment: Book Reflection

    • Why Does God Call Us?

    • Biblical Thread Survey

    • For His Purpose vs For Our Purpose

    • Questions to Ask When Sensing A Call

  • 3

    Session Two

    • When Knowing God's Voice Matters, Part 1

    • When Knowing God's Voice Matters, Part 2

    • Assignment: Who Is My Neighbor?

    • The Initial Call to Follow

    • Book Response Survey

    • Refreshed for a Fruitful Journey

    • Reflection: His Purpose

    • Abiding in Christ: Connected for a Fruitful Journey

    • Ajanet's Story

    • A Personal Response

  • 4

    Session Three

    • When God Prepares the Table

    • Table as Worship Survey

    • Walking on Water, Part 1

    • Walking on Water, Part 2

    • Extending Hospitality

    • Assignment: Showing Hospitality

    • Restoration - An Intimate Call

    • Book Survey

    • Called to an Intimate Walk

    • Reflection: His Table

  • 5

    Session Four

    • When Milk Won't Do

    • Giving Properly

    • Nehemiah, Part 1

    • Nehemiah, Part 2

    • Articulating Your Purpose

    • Assignment: Create a Mission Statement

    • How Do I live Out the Call?

    • Reflection: How Do I Stay Healthy for Longevity?

    • Articulate the Passion

    • Assignment: Articulate the Passion Case Scenario

    • Pick Up Your Bed and Walk

  • 6


    • Conclusion

    • Reflection: Most Helpful?

    • End of Course Survey: A Sense of Call to Leadership

    • Congratulations!!

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